Whatever the journey may be, Serah is commited to creating a safe and sacred space. At the beginning of your session she will center you in the present to initiate your intentionality that day for the work, checking in with you on what is surfacing within your life and now. Serah then interweaves certain exercises that will help you in seeing old belief patterns, how you relate to yourself and your world. Specific themes are recognized to bring into the breathwork. After your breath journey, there is then time to check-in again and integrate what arose within the session. Homework is regularly assigned between sessions.

"Serah Goldberg is a gifted facilitator that has a voice and a presence that holds you like when your mother swaddled you and encouraged you with love, when you fell off your bike."

-Lorraine D'Andrea, Peel District School Board, Special Needs Education Facilitator, Mom of Ella