"Serah's breathwork is a unique and powerfully transformative practice. I have never experienced anything like it. Through a more spontaneous expression of breath, I experienced an intimacy with spirit that is deeply nourishing. Each session builds on the previous one in a journey of transformation and empowerment. Serah is a skilled and compassionate teacher. I felt completely safe and was able to move through the process completely trusting in her ability to guide and support me."

-Louise Hanly, Certified Anusara Teacher

"Serah is a talented and compassionate facilitator who assisted me in feeling both safe and loved in order for me to release old thought patterns and beliefs that have been held in my body for years. I have immense gratitude to this incredible intuitive healer for helping me connect to my breath, my spirit, and my limitless capacity to heal myself from within. I highly recommend her to everyone, give your body a loving gift from yourself, awaken to the healing power of your own breath!"

-Josie Houpt, Yoga Teacher & Writer

"I believe that breath is the gateway to the mind that leads to the journey of your soul. Serah Goldberg's Breathwork Journey is just that. It is a mixture of nurturing the soul while helping to see others' through fresh eyes. Being in Serah's Breathwork Journey actually helped me come to terms with a lot of sorrow I had been dealing with for quite some time. The journal work we are asked to do before hand is incredibly potent and very insightful, and this writing work is linked beautifully with the journey you take with a partner in exploring your breath, and the support you are able to give to yourself and another human being. I would recommend this journey to absolutely anyone, Serah has the incredible ability to link all experiences and walks of life into one room and create something extraordinarily beautiful with it."

-Tiana Zarubica, Founder & Director of Yoga Seed Studio

"Breathwork is a process that gives you the gift of yourself. With Serah's dedicated guidance, this process asks you to look at all the facets of your being- not just the dancing imp, generous friend sides, but also the uncomfortable, jealous, darker sides. Breathwork allows these facets to find synchronicity by showing you that all of your aspects are loved, and that love reaches you through breathing. It is a chance to remember the opportunities for your highest potential; they arrive when you allow yourself to be whole, as breath becomes breath."

-Kira Lancaster, Writer

“"As a breath work instructor, Serah demonstrated herself to be knowledgeable, compassionate and non-judgemental. These attributes provided an environment that was conducive to allowing the students to go as far as they wanted to or were able to in the workshop. Serah is a caring and loving human being and I would recommend this class to anyone that is interested in healing, spiritual enlightenment, and becoming more able to love yourself and others.”"

-Ron Shirkey, MA Econ

"Serah Goldberg is a powerful and dynamic being. Her understanding of the breath, as well as her ability to comfortably sit in a wide spectrum of the human condition, allows her to help people radically shift and transform through breathwork. Highly recommended."

-Colin Matthews, Founder & Director of Kula Yoga Studios