Serah Goldberg is a Registered Yoga Teacher that has been committed to the practice for over a decade. Having studied yoga extensively throughout India and North America, she brings a plethora of experiential and learned wisdom to her facilitating. Currently ignited by core strength and integration of the Hatha practice, she teaches Hot Core, Core Flow, Power Yoga, Hatha Flow, Vinyasa and Hot Yoga throughout Toronto.

Drop in for a class and experience Serah's contagious enthusiasm!

Current Drop in Schedule

Kula Annex 304 Brunswick Avenue, TO, ON

Tuesdays 10am Hour Flow

Thursdays 10am Hot Hour, 5 30pm Hour Flow, 7pm Hot Core

Saturdays 10 30am Core Flow (unheated), 12pm Hot Hour

YYoga 327,333 Queen Street West, TO, ON

Mondays 1pm Core Fusion

Tuesdays Noon Hatha Flow

Wednesdays 10am 75min Power Flow, 1pm Core Fusion

Thursdays Noon Hatha Flow

"Serah Goldberg is like coming home. She creates a space that allows you to be fully yourself, no matter what that looks like. Her love and light are so present, and as a student in her workshop or yoga class, I have felt 100% supported and safe to explore my own journey. Breathwork with Serah was a deeply transformational experience, and I came away feeling lighter, calmer, and more spacious than I had in a long time."

-Elyse Maltin, Ph.D.; Anusara-Inspired Yoga Teacher; National Director, Spoken Word Canada